MVS 3.8J

VATLST00 -- Volume attribute list that defines the "mount" and "use" attributes of direct access volumes.  Multiple lists named VATLSTxx replace PRESRES.

MVSRES,0,2,3350    ,Y
MVSDLB,0,2,3350    ,Y
WORK01,0,0,3350    ,Y

Parameter in IEASYSxx


VAL=(aa,bb, . . .)


  1. Do not specify a list at a given IPL that contains entries for volumes that will not be mounted unless "N" is specified to suppress the mount message.  Specifying "Y" will cause unmounted volumes to require operator intervention with resultant delay.

  2. A private volume is allocated only to a specific volume request.

  3. A public volume is allocated to temporary, non-specific volume request (or possibly to a specific volume request).  A scratch data set would be placed on a public volume.

  4. A storage volume is allocated primarily to a non-temporary non-specific volume request.  (A temporary non-specific volume request may also be allocated to a storage volume.  A storage volume can also be allocated to a specific volume request.)

  5. A storage volume is required by the SAVE subcommand of EDIT for a newly created data set.


  • Each record consists of 80 columns, although columns 22 through 80 are ignored.

  • The fields are column-dependent.

  • There are only two required fields: the volume serial number and the device type.  All other fields have defaults.

  • Separate the adjacent fields by comma, except before the optional information field

  • Specify all characters in EBCDIC.

vvvvvv,m,u,dddddddd s


vvvvvv - Volume serial number (up to 6 chars)

m         - Mount attribute (1 char)

u          - Use attribute (1 char)

dddddddd - Device type (up to 8 chars)

s          - Mount message suppressio indicator (1 char)


Parameter Column Meaning and Use Value Range





1-6 Specifies the direct access volume whose mount and use attributes are to be set.  The volume serial number must begin at the first character position in the record. 1 to 6 alphameric characters, left justified in the field, and padded with blanks at right to occupy six columns. None




Specifies whether the volume is to be permanently resident or reserved.  Default is assigned if any character other than 1 is specified.

  • 0 - Specifies permanently resident

  • 1 - Specifies reserved

0 or 1 0




Specifies whether the volume is to be defined as storage, public, or private.  The default is assigned if any character other than 0 or 2 is specified.

  • 0 - Specifies storage

  • 1 - Specifies public

  • 2 - Specifies private

0-2 1



12-19 Specifies the device name, such as 2305-1.  Up to eight characters may be specified , but the first character must start in column 12.  Only supported device types are acceptable.  This parameter indicates the basic device but does not denote special features, such as track overflow.  The operator must be informed if the device requires a special feature to process the data on the designated volume.

Caution: For 3330V volumes, do not specify "3330V" as you would specify for another device.  Instead, specify "Vxxx" where xxx is the unit address of the 3330V device that the volume is to be mounted on.

Up to 8 characters, left justified within the field, and padded with blanks at the right to occupy eight columns. None




21 Specifies whether mount messages should be issued for the volume if it is not already mounted.  This parameter is ignored for MSS volumes.
  • N - Specifies that mount messages should be suppressed.
  • [blank] or any other character except N - Specifies that mount messages should be issued.
N, blank, or any character. Blank (or any character except N), indicating that mount messages should be issued.



23-80 Contains any desired descriptive information.  The information is not used by the system.  It appears in installation printouts. Not applicable None